Water Treatment Plants

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Sand Filter. Filtration is the process of passing liquids containing suspended matter through a suitable porous material (filtering medium) to effectively remove the suspended impurities present in it. It is the final step in the solid removal process which includes coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation. Different types of filtration are offered namely inline, conventional and direct. The filtration media uses silica sand, quartz sand and anthracite as filtering media, hence the name sand plant.

Features :

. Multiple filtration types
. Easy installation process
. Low maintenance requirement

Types of Filters :

. Inline filtration: In this process coagulant chemicals are added just prior to the water entering the filtration unit
. Conventional filtration: It is a process commonly employed in municipal and large water treatments. Here all the pretreatment steps are included
. Direct filtration: It is similar to conventional filtration except that the step of sedimentation is omitted

Product Details :

. Materials used as filter media
. Quartz sand, Silica sand, Anthracite