Water Treatment Plants

A water softener plant is a device that is designed to remove positively charged ions of calcium and magnesium from water. It is essential to treat hard water in industries as it can cause expensive machinery and equipment to malfunction. Its polystyrene spherical resin beads, charged with sodium ions having a negative charge, will attract the positively charged calcium and magnesium ions as hard water moves through the resin beads.

As positive and negative ions get stuck with each other, hard water flows through resin beads, becoming soft, and this soft water comes out through its outlet. The Aqua Systems Technology softener plant can be in the form of an automatic, semi-automatic, or manual version.

The many different components of such a plant include the mineral tanks, brine tanks, and control wave. The filtration process occurs in the mineral tank, which holds the resin beads, while the control valve checks the amount of water that has been filtered in the mineral tank. The brine tank restores resin beads whenever they are exhausted so that they are always in a constant positive charged state, which is vital to keep the filtration process going. The resulting soft water coming out of this plant can be used for various needs ranging from factory machines to household activities.

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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Softener Plants. Softening by ion exchange resin is also known as Base Exchange softening. Hard, raw water is passed through a bed of cation resin in sodium form. Ca and Mg ions, which cause hardness, are taken up by resin and in exchange sodium ions are relinquished from the resin. Raw water continues to get softened till the resin gets exhausted. We supply these plants to clients at economical prices.

Features :

• Easy to install
• Affordable
• Easy to operate

by ion exchange resin is also known as Base Exchange softening. It is the most common and probably the easiest method of removing hardness like calcium & magnesium from water and renders the water suitable for utility purpose. As the name implies ion exchange is a process in which undesirable ions are exchanged for more desirable ions.

Process :
It consists of passing raw water containing hardness through a bed of cat ion resin in sodium form. The hardness ions Ca & Mg are taken up by resin and in exchange sodium ions are relinquished from the resin. Raw water will continue to get softened till the resin gets exhausted. Bringing back the resin to its original form is called regeneration. Softener resin is regenerated by sodium chloride.