Mini DM Water Plant

Water Treatment Plants

We are manufacturer of the Mini DM Water Plant. Demineralized water systems are used in the fields of cooling, power, process. Two Small beds filled with ion exchange resins are used to give demineralized water. In the first bed, the cations exchange with hydrogen ions, and in the second, the anions exchange with hydroxyl ions.

The DM plant must have minimum two resin columns, Cation and Anion. The resins in the cation unit are in the H form, while the anion resins are in the OH- form during the service cycle. When the raw water is run through a two-bed DM plant, cation resins exchange all the cations in the water, converting the salts to the appropriate acids. The anion resins are used to exchange the anions as the acidic water is passed through them to produce pure water. TDS levels in the water leaving an anion unit is < 25 ppm.

If someone needs < 1 ppm water TDS then small mix bed can be incorporated with non - rechargeable mix bed resin after Anion bed unit.